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PLEASE HELP!!! graduation gifts for my best friends?

Okay so i have been going to a k-8 school all of my life and i have met many friends but i have two extremely close to me. 8th grade graduation is really a big deal right now and i still have no idea what to get them. I want to get something different but not too outrageous i have less than a month so please please please!!!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    well for my 8th grade graduation which was last year i made all of my closest friends photo

    albums of all of our memories from 8 th grade like our class trip, the dance,etc. i took pictures that i

    had taken at the events and put them in a

    graduation photo album then added stickers and

    stuff them gave it to them on graduation night they

    all really loved it but thats just an idea. hope ive

    helped and congratulatons good luck in high

    school :)

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