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Which Shogun 2 clan should I pick?

Lately I've gotten used to using this site for all minor decisions. So, hope you can help me out!

I'm starting a new campaign in Shogun 2 and I can't decide which one to pick. I've already finished the game with the Date clan and have also played as the Takeda, Shimazu and Oda extensively but I'm willing to replay them if they are the best. I'm looking for a clan with a good starting Daimyo and with good variation in the style needed to play them (i.e. I'd prefer not to be landlocked or stuck on a small island or at the *** end of the map) I want choices in the way I expand and what way I develop my troops so specific specialties might not be great. by the way I do not have the Hattori but I do have the Ikko Ikki.

Please let me know what you think and why! Thanks!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try Mori. They are great seafarers and has easy access for trade nodes.

    Tokugawa probably the hardest clan to play.You must defeat Imagawa to gain freedom from your territory. (and at war w/ Oda at the same time.)

    BTW i haven't played ikko ikki, perhaps downloadable?

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