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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 9 years ago

Do I have Synethesia?

Ok so I think I might have synethesia. (If you don't know what tht is you should look it up it's really fasinacting!) For as long as I can remember I have always asosciated a certain color with a certain word, letter, or number and everytime it's the exact same color.For example to me the letter A is a raspberry color and the number 4 is a dandalion yellow. I never really thought about it until I heard about this condition so I started researching. I don't think it's a big deal but if someone could shed some light on whether I have some form of it or not that would be helpful. Or if there's a way to test it? Thx(:

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I have a degree in Psychology and you're right it is a fascinating condition. I think you might have a very slight form of it. There's all kinds of ways the senses can smelt together into synethesia from seeing colors to hearing colors to smelling words and tasting sounds etc. It's truly amazing and most people don't realize they have it unless theyre told it's not normal.

    For a friend of mine she was always frustrated with signs people would make because she said she didnt understand why they were using certain background colors for the colors of the words when the words would just be black or a simple color. She saw colors with her words. Now if you're just associating a color with a letter, it's probably not synethesia. If you ACTUALLY SEE COLOR in a letter, such as when you write A on paper and see raspberry then you may have a form of it, but I'm not sure it works with just seeing the color in your head but still seeing and knowing its black on paper.

    There's a really neat story about a kid who said he didn't know why when he wrote P it was green, but when he put a stick on it to write an R it turned orange. That is really nifty. But in order for this to be something you have, you must physically, with your eyes see it, not just associate in your head. For me I have something they thought might be synethesia but it turns out to be a rod and cone problem.

    You see red and green then blue and yellow on certain receptors. For me, when the colors Red and blue are near each other, or any variations such as baby blue and bright pink, dark blue and marroon, etc, I actually see flashes of gold and yellow flickering around the color pattern. I didn't know this wasn't normal and that I was the only one seeing this until one of my first college classes in psychology where we studied cognition and the brain.

    If you truly see colors with your letters, you very well may have synethesia. Since it varies person to person and each person sees different things, it'd be hard to test yourself alone. You would have to get someone who DOES NOT have the condition to administer a test for you. They can play sounds, write letters, or let you smell scents and see what your response is or what your sensory reaction is. If they write a B in green ink and you see it in yellow, then sure, it's definitely possibly. It's actually really cool but it can be problematic in some forms so it'd be nice to know if you have it. Hope you find some answers soon :) Enjoy your gift if you truly do have this sensory smelting.

    Source(s): Bachelors degree in Psychology and fun course in Cognitive Psychology.
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i've certainly not heard of a scan. traditionally the revel in is so targeted that the actual fact that any person says they revel in it's well adequate. (my partner's mother needed to fit the "colour" of her fragrance to her garments. and puzzled how different humans would put on a few fragrance "colours" with their coloring or their garments.)

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