Anyone else out there/on here that has essential tremor?

Tell me how it effect you and how old are you?

How old were you when you were diagnosed?

And anything else I need to now other than what wiki has to say.

I was diagnosed with it when I was 15 like a month after my birthday That's in feb. so in march I was diagnosed with it.

I hardly ever notice it anymore only when I get nervous n anxiety. I don't eat any corn syrup as when I do I get headaches n my energy is competely drained after I eat any foods with it but it one reason why I hardly notice tremors. Also caffeine and high sugar foods n high carbs since that turns straight to sugar as soon as hit the body.

I just want know how it's affecting you in life as morning n during work n school. And what kind of meds you were on and now on.

What kind jobs are there for people with essential tremor?

I no there disability for it but how would I be able to get it, would I be able to? Or submit it now since it takes years for disability to even comfim it?

Iam 16 year old girl and needs anwsers I am homeschooled cause I can't Handel it at school it's too much anxiety n nervous.

And was on beta blocker propranolol for half year, which give me like all of the side effects.

Now Iam on lexapro and adderall 10 mg each.

I was getting really depressed cause the tremor and how it's for life.

No rude comments I will report n don't just comment on here cause you got something to say and wen you don't have it.


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  • Chris
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    8 years ago
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    I have both essential tremors and a dystonia of writers cramp. I can't write longhand at all and I have a tendency to drop things. I'm on propranolol and primidone as well as getting botox injections in my arm to paralyze the back of my hands. I'm a middle aged man and have had the writers cramp for 15 years and the tremors for 10. I can't say that any of that bothers me. I've been a college professor for 30 years. My students know that I don't write. If I shake too much at the end of class someone will volunteer to help me with my books, because they know I have trouble unlocking my office. In meetings everyone knows that I can't write and no one asks me to take notes. When I go to my kids school, everyone knows to just sign me in as I don't write. It takes me longer to prepare my lecture notes as I have to draw economics curves on the computer, but it gives me an opportunity to make use of color which I can't do on the board.

    Don't let the tremors define you. You just need to find ways of doing things that works for you. High school girls can be mean but adults are not and by the time you get to college people will have matured enough to be nice about the tremors.

    Things will get better

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