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What exercises and healthy foods can correct hypotension?

What types (and examples) of exercises and healthy foods can correct hypotension? (I don't want to eat a high-fat diet which would make me hypertensive and have high risk of CVD, please.)

My BP used to be about 90-100/60-70 mm Hg, but after I had been exercising regularly for a long time and had lost about 20 pounds (from almost 138 pounds), my BP became 80-88/40-50 mm Hg. I'm 5 feet 3.

I also started calorie counting when I started the plan of losing weight, but I have been consuming a lot of protein each day, since I know that protein maintains the blood, I usually consume 10-20g less fat than the amount I can eat based on my daily caloric intake. I also have been watching my salt intake, but I think I'm still consuming enough salt daily, and I'm not hyponatremic. I drink at least 6 cups of fluid daily, and 10 cups for a lot of time. I've been a vegetarian since the time when my blood pressure was still normal. I also have type 1 diabetes. (Yes, I said "type 1." I gained weight to 140 pounds after I had DM. Besides, I was not overweight when I was 138 lb, although I was close.)

I don't know if there was really a correlation between the decrease in my blood pressure and exercising or not, but exercising does decrease blood pressure, so I assume that was the cause of my hypotension.

I didn't check my blood pressure as regularly when it was still in the normal range, but whenever I gave blood, my systolic and diastolic blood pressures were usually in those ranges. I have started to check my blood pressure quite frequently after being so hypotensive, and not just the systolic "or" diastolic blood pressure are below 88/50 mm Hg, usually both would be below these 2 numbers.

So now I can no longer give blood, and the ineligibility to give blood always makes me very mad and frustrated. I can't accept the fact that I have to be rejected everytime the phlebotomists (or medical personnel) take my blood pressure. I have tried jumping and skipping to the blood drives, being nervous, and being mad (as I am) before my blood pressure is taken, but it's still that low. I wouldn't try caffeine, since I know from experience that it doesn't stimulate me. I can drink two 8-oz cups of Espresso and still be sleeping a few minutes after I finish. Besides, caffeine is diuretic, I don't need my blood pressure to be any lower than it has already been.

I have checked the following websites, and most of them suggest increasing salt in diet. I don't think my daily intake of sodium is less than 1500 mg, although I'm not sure if it does reach the recommended maximum (2400 mg).

My heart beat used to be 60 beats/min everytime I took it, but after trying an alternative treatment, which I didn't consent to try, my heart beat has become 57-76 bpm, and the numbers are usually not close.

I don't have signs of orthostatic hypotension, however. I can stand up from a lower position and not feel dizzy. I know how it feels like to have orthostatic hypotension, because I've experienced it when I had polyuria from DKA. I can exercise without ever fainting from hypotension, and I don't experience SOB. My HGB is about 12.0 g/dL and HCT about 40%.

Can anybody please tell me how I can correct my hypotension? And could you please tell me your title and/or degree/major if you have any. You don't have to be health-care professionals, but if you are, I may read your suggestions more carefully, since you have degrees in the medical field.

My mom told me that my dad used to have low BP, and he started biking regularly. My mom said that my dad's BP has been WNL. But I've never seen my dad checked his BP, so who knows? I thought exercising could only decrease BP. (The exercises I have been doing are jogging, or elliptical striding, and light weight-lifting, and I rarely bike, because I think that biking is not enough exercising. I like sweating and not to be sitting in one place, but biking doesn't make me sweat as much as jogging, and it doesn't burn as much calories.)


PubMed Health

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Mayo Clinic

Simple Remedies

Thank you very, very much.

3 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    Foods For Hypotension

  • Lynn
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Its not realy what you eat its how much bad foods ok but good food is also needed. Theres no way around excercise though a good 5-10 min walk is a great thing to start. Just stay semi active and eat equal amounts.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    None that I'm aware of. Certainly there's a bevy of foods that can mitigate hypertension, but not its counterpart.

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