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americans: what are your opinions on england and english people?

our personalities, climate, culture etc.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    As an American, I can say that I love English people, having travelled to the UK several times. You specifically ask about opinions for England and the English, so I will follow your lead and not refer to the other parts of the UK like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    In general, Americans think of the English as people who long to be posh as they cling to an archaic class system. Americans have a hard time understanding the realities of why the English still adhere to the outdated system of royalty which puts a person in the highest position in the land merely by luck of birth vs. true merit. Americans tend to think that the English keep the royal family because they serve as a quaint tourist attraction, much like theme park fantasy characters. When asking an American for the first thing they think of when thinking of England, 99% of the time you will hear, "the queen and the royals". The queen and royals represent the English "brand", for better or worse. That's why most people think the English are all aspiring to be like the posh royals.

    To Americans, the English climate is charaterized by lots of chilly dampness, rain, and fog. Americans like English comedy like Monty Python and Benny Hill, finding it quirky, yet funny. Americans think the English are crazy (literally) about football (what we call soccer), so much so that you riot after football matches to the point of sometimes maiming and killing opposing fans.

    There are many things Americans are aware of about English culture like "Downton Abbey" (upholds the stereotype of the archaic British class system), authors like Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, celebrities like Simon Cowell, red double-decker buses, etc. There is a restaurant in my city that bills itself as an ethnically British establishment serving British food. It is decorated with a red public phone box, a British flag, photos of the queen and her family, and photos of red double decker buses. The restaurant serves things like "bangers and mash", and "shepherd's pie". The decor and the menu items are things that aren't commonly found in America that Americans readily associate with England/Britain.

    I hope this helped. Cheers!

  • paramo
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    in case you watch American television all they say is that the English have undesirable tooth and are well mannered. I even have in undemanding terms met some human beings born in England and the ingredient I do love is the accessory. so some distance as England is in contact i won't be in a position to declare that i'm very prepared on the Royal kinfolk or the nutrition I even have experienced. additionally, jointly as England has a wealthy historic past i'm somewhat blown away by using the barbaric way human beings have been taken care of.Thank God Tony Blair is long previous. we don't desire everybody agreeing with W. Sorry yet you asked.

  • 9 years ago

    Eh, nothing really negative. I feel like England pretty much blows their noses on America though. Fairly relaxed and I think some, not all, think their more posh than anyone else. I really kinda feel like English and American culture used to be very similar until our country just decided to go crazy and slutty and what-not. So maybe a bit more reserved.

    Source(s): I'm American
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