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What should I do next? I can't just randomly ask her out!?

I'm a senior in high school. I've had a crush on this girl for a very long time, but I didn't actually start talking to her regularly until recently. I remember she used to not like me. A female friend of mine asked her what she thought of me freshman year, and she said no. But the other day, I was talking to her and she said "You're surprising me so much. I never thought you would be that type of guy" and I said "what type of guy?" and she said "I don't know, you're just different than I thought you were. You're crazy, but in a good way." I thought maybe she was flirting with me, but I really don't know. Last week, we were on our senior trip and she kept following me, and asking if I was having fun. Then she started skipping and kept touching my arm. It was strange. Today, we came to school for graduation practice, and she looked like she juat rolled out of bed. Then she saw me, and went home and put on makeup and a fancy dress. It was also strange. We are graduating tomorrow, but we're going to colleges that are pretty close to each other. Plus, tomorrow we are spending the night at the school for this lock in type thing. Is there any way I can get her to like me? Also, if she already said she doesn't like me and wouldn't date me four years ago, does that mean she will never like me? Any advice will be appreciated?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Dude, this girl didn't like you before because she didn't know you. She wasn't comfortable around you at all during your freshman year because you two hardly talked. This can, and has, changed. You now know her, talk to her, and sometimes flirt with her. You see, just because she didn't like you before doesn't mean she can't like you now. She didn't know you before, and therefore couldn't have liked you. Now that she realized that you're different than your first impression, she can, and probably does, like you.

    Now, with the asking out thing: make sure you get to know her a little before you two go on a date. Flirt. A lot. Make sure you touch, but not in an awkward way. Get close to her. Hug her. Hold her hands or something. MAKE SURE SHE'S COMFORTABLE AROUND YOU. Awkwardness is a BIG no-no. Be confident! You're the man in this relationship! That being said, make sure you have the right mind-set going in. Don't think "Don't make this awkward". Think "I'm the man! This'll be fun!" To avoid awkwardness, don't think about it.

    Once she's comfortable enough around you to hug you on a regular basis, then ask her out!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Personal Experience
  • Sharon
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    four years is a very long time in both your lives, and from your description she has obviously changed her views on you. Get together with her at the lock in, and ask if she is enjoying it. Then bring the talk around to what to do next weekend when there is nothing scheduled. If she says nothing planned for next weekend, suggest something. And don't suggest a guy movie like the Avengers

  • 9 years ago

    Ask her to a movie. If she says no (which I doubt she will. Seems like she started likin u too) then u won't have to see her cause yall r goin to college and will meet tons of new people and forget about each other. If she says yes and it works out then yall can make it a point to continue to see each other at college on the weekends or somethin.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

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