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Is it normal for a girl to be completely comfortable around you and then get more shy as she developes a crush on you. Cuz there is a girl that i really like and i started talking to her maybe 2 months ago. At first she would come up to me and start conversartipns. She would say hi to me every time she saw me in the halls too. Now recently we have been talking and she seems a bit more quiet. Acts a lot cuter like playing with her hair or shirt and kind of twirling around. Also she doesnt ask as many questions when i chat with her on facebook. The first time i chatted with her she asked me a

Ton of questions. Npw she is just really thoughtful with her answers and ends each message with....

Im just wondering is this normal for a girl to be completely comfortable with me and then become more shy as she developes feelings for me? I would like to know wat you guys think and why she is actually doing this. Thanks.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Posting the same thing 4 times is very irritating.

    If you want a definite answer go talk to her.

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