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PetLover! asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

What is the best way to train a dog?

What exactly does it do? Is it good for the dog? Is it a reward or not? IM trying to figure out how to train him properly. Clickers?Treat?Praise?toys?

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  • 9 years ago
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    As a competition obedience trainer and handler for 40+years, I think I've tried it all. I started with a very harsh trainer, got myself tossed out of that class because I refused to do some of the stuff she wanted.....ear pinch, collar choke, etc.

    I found a trainer that I could work with and not have to use harsh methods to achive competitor titles.

    Clicker training is lots of fun, however it really isn't something you can learn from books as the timing is crucial in order for the clicker to work correctly. I never recommend it for a beginning trainer.

    Treats make the training more fun for the dog that has a beginning trainer as an owner. If you happen to have a dog that is a fussy eater, but loves toys, then you can use toys.

    Praise is ALWAYS used. That is how you tell your dog what it did makes you happy.

    Use the method that you find the easiest to understand and that works the best for your dog.

    The only thing I definitely disagree with is any form of punishment such as electric collars, prong collars, hitting yelling or that old "alpha" ;thinking that doesn't produce a very happy dog.

    Here is the main site that I've used with my beginning students

    When you run into a problem that isn't on this site, go to and type in the problem.

    A site will appear that can help you figure out how to fix it.

    For good training books go to

    Good luck, you are in for a wonderful journey with your dog.

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    9 years ago

    Your energy is the basis for any training to work. You must earn the dog's trust. You do that with energy, and that is calm, and confident, with lots patients, and a desire to make it work. Dogs pick up on energy immediately.. If you get anxious, then you get an anxious dog, if you get frustrated, then you get a frustrated dog. If you maintain the right energy, and develop trust, then treats for accomplishing, is a good thing, you reinforce your happiness with the dog, and the dog will love the treat, and your happiness with him/her. Energy is sooo important, it forms the basis for success, and, personally, I don't see the need for a clicker, but then, again, what ever works for you. Remember the energy.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I can tell you something for free, you won't find that answer here! EVERYONE disagrees on this, it comes down to what you're comfortable with doing, what you're capable of, what works for the dog....etc too many variables. Someone will say to stick an e collar on it, when you might not like that style of training. While others will tell you to cuddle an aggressive dog to reassure it, because everything must be about you loving the dog.....

    Asking that here is like asking what the best dog food is. You will get every available answer.....listen to the options then decide for yourself....

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    4 years ago

    My puppy become the comparable way. he's made important progression. i become so skeptical approximately hiring a coach, i presumed itd be a rip-off. we've in undemanding terms has 2/4 training and he's doing great. He already walks by using canines without being concerned. yet while a canine barks at him he nevertheless acts that way yet he continues to be gaining expertise of :) we rescued my little puppy after the finished "socializing" point so he have been given overly excited around different canines and it tipped over to tension. I paid $280 for 4 training... And that's already fairly easily worth the money. She in the present day presented the prong collar. It would not harm him. the way we use it fairly is that as quickly because it tightens up, it ability pay interest to me. So now everytime he sees a canine I provide him somewhat tug and while he seems in my direction extremely of the canines, I drop down a take care of or in simple terms tell him solid boy. the internet says maximum of contradicting issues. discover a competent coach with solid references. What somebody could think of they're doing splendid could desire to actual be making it worse. Edit: get a private coach. do no longer flow to team education training. it fairly is going to be too stressful to your canine and that they probably won't assist you reside if it disrupts the class. you want your canine to do extra sensible - in case you flow to a classification you would be placing him up for failure Edit: lol, do no longer pay attention to dogma. My coach introduced her very own canine who in simple terms passed over my canine and we began from there. Her canine will bark on command and that's how he's being knowledgeable around reactive canines. do no longer flow to team education. it incredibly is placing your canine up for failure! Take toddler steps.. My coach pronounced that we flow to team education in spite of everything the own education if i opt to. putting your canine in that placing won't help him in any respect. Any genuine coach is acquainted with that!! i'm telling you from journey. thank you for the TD even with the shown fact that dogma :) Edit: @ Chix. Her call is Julie and works interior the burlington/oakville/milton section. i'm uncertain of the employer call, i'm on my telephone yet i will get it later in the experience that your fascinated? @ chix, stated!

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  • 9 years ago

    Always use treats so he knows he is doing good. never get frusturated I know its hard but when you start to, be done for the day and try later.. if you try to get him to sit, make sure he knows the words repeat sit,, st.. sit to him then show him what to do, push ihis bottom down and say sit (:

    depends what you want to train him for

    Source(s): I'm a bench show champ for coon dogs (:
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