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? asked in HealthOther - Health · 9 years ago

The doctor I had was severley rude...?

Ok, so I went up this morning to book an appointment with the doctor. Obviously it's emergency, so they give me any doctor. They asked me my problem at reception, and said the doctor would ring you back.

(Heres my problem) I have itchy bites and massive red bumps on my back etc, and also a massivly inflamed/swollen foot which is also itchy. So doctor rings me without no examination and rambles on about all the stuff I should take. (She spoke fast aswell) and Im 18 years old... im not a doctor so how am I suppose to understand her?

My parents came home and told me to go to the pharmicist and ask for his advice. He said I would need to go see a doctor asap... because it could be infected from an insect bite. So I go book, roll on 3 hours later..

This nasty women walks in and goes to me " You was the boy who rung earlier, didnt you not understand what I told to you? " in a rude voice tone along with a confused expression face speaking to me like im an idiot. I told her my parents were concerened and that I wanted an examination in which she goes " Your 18, your parents dont need to tell you this "... so Inside I was getting really angry.

She then goes to finish it off " You made such a simple problem, complicated! ". Didnt even say goodbye, took the prescription and walked off. I went home and told my Mum and Dad... and my Mum also stated that her friends and herself has received problems from this woman. She is obnoxious, arrogant, un-sympathetic and has terrible inter-personal skills as I couldnt believe I was being talken to like an idiot by a doctor.

My dad is furious, and so am I. Were making a complaint, we went back and spoke to receptionist who called someone to speak to us. By the way they were talking, they probably knew they have received complaints like this before. So Im writing a letter, and hopefully I never have her again as I refuse.

How rude was this woman? :S

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  • Keith
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    9 years ago
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    There are always two sides to the story, it would be interesting to see what the doctor had to say regarding your conduct.

  • 9 years ago

    Very rude, unfortunately no clinic or hospital will discipline their Doctors until they get sued for malpractice, then these institutions wonder where the malpractice came from. I would write the head of the Hospital, clinic a letter telling them why you feel the way you do. I also am never afraid to rate a Doctors performance on for other people to read. I think one of the worst things in professional practices, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants is not to have the public know about their actions. I also if not treated properly dispute the bill. I have gone so far as to report professional people to my States Board of Professional Responsibility. They do nothing, but the fact a complaint gets filed, makes these individuals take a second look at themselves. Most medical places have a bill of patient rights, find out if your medical place has that, and explain which provisions you think were violated.

    Good Luck

  • 4 years ago

    record the impolite bastard to the scientific board, how dare this smug pig act this way in direction of his customers. in case you could replace Dr or a minimum of make sufficient appointment and tell him how dare he communicate/handle you the way he did. in case you nevertheless locate that he's being a d'ick then i could recommend a sexual harassment can charge could get his interest, he would be barred from prepare whilst the examine occurs any-strategies. superb of success and remember YOUR the single that pay's his costs darling, no longer any different way around.

  • 9 years ago

    very rude. i'd tell her that she's a rude and an ugly *****.

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