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Why do people do this when they want to make a turn while driving?

I've noticed that when many people want to make a right turn, they will steer the car way over to the left and then back to the right, and vice versa to make a left turn. Why do they do this? That looks to me like it would make the turn harder instead of easier because the car has to do more maneuvering.


To the rude people who answered: I've driven cars and trucks (pick up trucks, not 18 wheelers which I understand needing wide turns) and have never needed to do this. I just make the turn from where I am. I asked this question because I see people driving tiny cars doing this and there's no need.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Because they never learned to drive properly and are afraid of hitting the curb.

    While they may no longer be afraid of hitting the curb, they continue to drive the improper way they learned.

    Wider turns are easier. People want easy over the right way.

    Long vehicles must, in order to clear the curb. For them it is not an excuse, but a real reason.

    For all others.....lazy, poor teaching, etc.

    Source(s): Many years on the road, all types of vehicles. From a moped to full size Fire trucks (no TT). Edit: Hope you're not including me in that statement. I was just being straightforward. Since I prefer to travel without a wall of steel around me, observing traffic is vital to my survival.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First of all do you have a driver license?

    If you do OMG please DO NOT drive a car! :D

    When you turn with a car, especially if it is a significantly big car (then the cars are usually), significantly more space is needed than it it is a "normal" size one. It's because of the size of the car.

    You see the car is wider and longer than the driver itself, and when the driver is finally in the right direction, when the driver actually did make the turn, it is possible that the rear part car is still turning.

    Now if you drive a significantly big car, a loaded truck for example, and if you don't turn a bit to the left before you turn to the right (or vice versa), and if the vehicle is actually longer than the radius of the turn of the road (as in most cases is), the truck would reach the obstacles on the side of the road, drifting them off, or on the road you driving on, causing accidents.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think too it's just to make a slightly wider turn.

    But, I remember that I have read in the "Gran Turismo 1" game manual : Before a curve, it can be good to lightly brake, and to turn in the opposite sens so the weight of your car is well balanced toward the front to your vehicle, providing a better grip on your fronts tires, allowing you a curve at faster speed. I think that turning to the opposite sens of the curve gives some inertia to get your car weigh better balanced when starting the curve. Perhaps a proficient kart driver could gives better explications.

  • 9 years ago

    +1 for Lindsey. smaller cars don't have to, but if you drive a truck with a trailer or a 18-wheeler or anything long it's a must

    sorry if i sounded rude btw

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  • 9 years ago

    It's just to make a slightly wider turn. So you So you don't hit a curb or any other lanes. Especially if you have a big car.

  • JAS
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    they do it right ..

    have you ever driven a car ??

  • 9 years ago

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