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MS SQL Help Searching Stored Procedures!?

I know nothing about SQL or programming but want to know how to search multiple stored procedures. Can you please give me step-by-step instructions? Clicking and all on how to do this:

I'm searching for "wrap"

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    The queries shown in the webpage link are querying against the data dictionary, the system tables within SQL Server that hold information about the databases and objects themselves. While the exact steps might vary slightly depending on your version, it should go something like this:

    1. Start SQL Server and connect to the database engine (the second part might happen automatically)

    2. Click 'New Query' from the menu

    3. In the query window that opens, copy and paste the queries from the web page. (You can perform both from the same window - each will produce its own separate results.

    4. Replace the part between the % characters with the text you're searching for (wrap), but keep both % around the text.

    5. Click 'Execute' - the first resultset should be all procedures where your text occurs in the procedure itself while the 2nd is just those where the text occurs in the procedure's name.

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