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Anyone had fna does it hurt ?

Had ultrasound on thyroid yesterday Dr said I have nodule on right side gonna set appointment to have fna done has anyone had this and how do they do it,?does it hurt? I'm scared!

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  • 9 years ago
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    The FNA does not hurt, but there will be pressure during the procedure. Your doctor should (request if they aren't planning on it) give you a numbing shot that stings for a few seconds, but that's it.

    Your doctor will likely insert a needle 3 times and they'll spin the needle clockwise and counter-clockwise to get an sufficient sample. I was a bit sore and got a tiny bruise during my last biopsy.

    Remember, your doctor doesn't know your fears, so voice them so they can help you! Good luck!

    Source(s): thyroid cancer patient - numerous biopsies
  • 9 years ago

    Have you ever had an injection in your gum at the dentist? it is not as bad as that, I had the thyroid scan done and a FNA done to a lump on side of my neck and it all came back as un underactive thyroid, Good Luck

  • 9 years ago

    Yes and no. It depends where the thyroid nodule is located, how big it is, and how good the doctor is at the technique. The bigger, the better, because it tends to be easy to find. I have had multiple biopsies, and at it's best, it feels like a little prick, and at it's worst, it feels like a slightly more painful little prick. Either way, it's quick, easy, and really not that bad! Usually they give you meds to numb the site, but I've had it done with and without and it really doesn't make a huge difference!

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