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What should I do if my best friend is attracted to me?

I have this friend who is really close to me.(we're both women) Thing is, most of her closest friends before she met me is are lesbians. And although she sleeps around with guys (as in plural), she has never had any boyfriend or girlfriend. When I asked her about her sexuality, she is always vague about it. She says she "used" to be gay when she was a teenager. She is not sure now. But she seem to sometimes look at my boobs, and sometimes when I change in front of her, I saw her eying my lower half. And once I think I may have seen her looking at me while I was asleep (not sure as I just woke up from a dream) and she closed her eyes as soon as I opened mine when I was sleeping over. She wipes my mouth if there's a crumb of food on it, asks me to sleep over very often and gets very protective about me.

She also told me that sometimes, she feels as if she does not need a guy, but a friend like me. I am just a little confused because these are behaviors my ex boyfriend showed towards me. I have never had a friend who treats me like she does.

Do you think she's attracted to me?

BTW, I am not attracted to girls. I just feel uncomfortable if she is attracted to me. I am not homophobic, and I love her as a friend. I'm just a little curious about her behavior and I want to avoid awkward conversations because she is a very nice friend. She would not tell me if she is still attracted to girls and I dont wanna push her. I need other's opinion on this.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes. She is definitely attracted you. Absolutely zero doubt in my mind. I would say it's no big deal, and just try to ignore it and stay friends... But it may not be so simple. Women can tend to be very over protective, even if you are not together, she wants to be, and may make it very difficult for you and your future boy. I don't think you will be able to have a boyfriend around her, she will act differently, as I'm sure she does when you say something to her about some guy being cute... am I right? I'm not saying hey stop being friends with her right now, I'm just saying, it may come to that. You can stay as you are for now, but you'll get increasingly uncomfortable and you'll need to say something. It's pretty much that simple. I'm really sorry for your situation, but I wish you the best of luck!!!

  • 5 years ago

    What will have to you do approximately it? Probably not anything. If the biting relatively bothers you, speak in your pal approximately it. It's tough to inform precisely what's going on with out extra main points. There is a well probability that your pal simply has extraordinary methods of expressing her affection. It occurs. If it occurs too traditionally or turns into too frightening, you could ask your self whether or not she has critical emotional issues. It may be viable that your pal relatively is a vampire. But that is now not always all that dangerous. There are individuals who self-determine as vampires who don't seem to be in the slightest degree supernatural or hazardous. (I've identified a couple of). They without difficulty discover a sexual thrill in biting their companions and ingesting just a little in their blood, generally just a sip. Some of them don't chew, who prefer to get the blood with a finger stick or equivalent process. Either means, it is extra for the intimacy than bloodlust. There are a quantity of individuals who love paranormal romance or city myth or without difficulty the folklore of vampirism who identical to to play with the inspiration. They are regularly innocent; do not fear approximately it until she will get violent and traumatic. There may be a probability that she could honestly be a creature of the night time. I have certainly not met a vampire of the supernatural variety and I have a tendency to not think in them, however, of path, I might be improper. Try dressed in a crucifix and spot if it repels her (silver is first-class). Try to enclose your self with garlic plants and spot in the event that they maintain her at bay. If you employ the garlic cloves you get from the garlic bulbs within the grocery store and she or he turns out to preclude them, then she obviously is NOT a "truly" vampire, she simplest thinks she is. Too many Hollywood films and tv indicates have used that ancient garlic bulb gag with out ever noticing (or worrying?) that it's the garlic plants that paintings. Now so much individuals honestly think it is the garlic cloves, however that is simply within the films, it is the plants within the actual customary folklore. I bet my first-class recommendation could be to do your first-class to slender it all the way down to what variety of "vampire" your pal possibly or think herself to be (if any). Don't lose sight of the very truly probability that her biting is simply a private quirk that's now not relatively a threat until she honestly attracts blood and/or there's a threat of illness. I could begin with telling her that it makes you uncomfortable and ask her (lightly) why she does it. Then speak to her approximately it and spot if she could want psychiatric counselling, dedication to a intellectual clinic or simply a bigger set of directions as to what you're and don't seem to be cozy with. If there's no critical trouble and also you importance her friendship, you could do not forget letting her nip you every now and then until it simply creeps you out an excessive amount of. Anyway, maintain it pleasant and speak as an alternative than argue along with her approximately it. be sincere, and do not get disenchanted till you already know what is going on. I wish this recommendation proves valuable to you. Respectfully submitted, Adastra, The Wizzard of Jacksonville

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