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My iPod has water damage?

I got my 8 GB ipod as my only present for Christmas last year so it means a lot to me because it is expensive and not that old, it's the newest iPod touch. Well my mother dropped my ipod in the toilet and it was in there for maybe 3-5 seconds until she realized what happened. I think she clicked the "on" button to see if it would work but i'm worried she shorted any circuits. We put it in rice for a couple days and plugged it into the wall, after we plugged it in it began to work but it started flickering and then it went black. When i plug it in i can still hear the "charging" noise and when you hold down the round button you can hear the sound that says it's ready for a voice command. I plugged it into my computer and itunes responds to it just fine but you still can't see any light or image on the screen. Please help me figure out how to get it working in good condition again. Thank you!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    put it in a bag of rice for 24 hours.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hello Mannie,

    I am sorry to infrom you, your iPod has lost the battle and has sc'd. The device is working for the mother board is till safe. The screen how ever has been lost due to the mother board frying the interenal connection when it was touched by the H2O and some other component on the mother board. You will have to purchsae a new device. OR you can buy a new mother board from Ebay 50-100$, buy a new screen/digitizer 15-20$ and reinstal them into the casing of he iPod.

    If you need money to purchase a new device you can sell your broken device on Ebay "AS IS" fro approx 50-80$. Then you can use that money -Ebay/Paypal fees (60-70$ remaining) and purchase an older model. Thanks for using Yahoo Answers.

    P.S. ------^Other answers did not read your question, all they read was the title >.>

  • 9 years ago

    Leave it for a week in rice, as it can take a while to dry up.

    Unfortunately, this sounds like permanent damage, so you are not likely to be able to get it fixed without taking it to the apple shop. I recommend booking an appointment on their website before hand, via this link just search where your local apple shop is and then book an appointment for your iPod. Water damage is not covered under warranty, so bring some money when you go, because they will charge you for it. Make sure you take everything that came with it in the box, and proof of purchase (if possible)

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