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Bailey asked in PetsFish · 9 years ago

Cleaning fish tank Q?

Ok so I have to tanks I need to clean. A 3 gallon and a 1.7 gallon. I have a few quetions. My male betta that I had in the 3 died a while back. I ended up just leaving his tank up till it evaporated witch might of not been smart in hines sight. My female was in the other tank and I'm cleaning it today. She looks really healthy and normal but I found some white stuff on a plastic plant. It was on th tip of it and where it poked out of the water a bit. And I'm not sure on what I should do. I plan on keeping her in the 1.7 cause I've found it's been easyer to keep fish in that tank.

1. How should I clean things that were in my male tank before I put them in my female tank. They have all been dry fo a while but they still have not been clean. I want to reuse a rock house (it's smooth enough to not harm the fins I've checked) and maybe a thermometer or gravle... maybe even his leaf hamock. What is the most sanateri and safe way of cleaning.

2. What is the best way to clean the plastic plant I talked of earlyer?

3. Filer Q I have two... one for each tank. But I don't have a replacement sponge thing ready for either one. The one I have in my female's I don't know were to by replacements at becaue it came with the tank. I was wondering if I should just clean it best as I can and put it back or buy another filte cartrige for my male filter... at the current moment I'm not looking into getting another betta.

4. How long should I wait to put the female back in. I'm doing a total tank cleaning and have a little bit of conditoner.

5. Any other comments?


I can't run to the store right now cause well I can't drive till my birthday...

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Bettas need a real tank of 5+ gallons with a heater and filter,

    Inactive tank cleaning: Warm water and maybe a drop of soup if you rinse well enough. If you put the female in the inactive tank; run for 3 weeks first to allow the tank to build good bateria. You can use the other filter for the 3 gallon if it the same material, actually this will help speed up the good bateria growth.

    Active tank: Use a vacuum tube and clean the gravel. Never change 100% of the water. Rinse the filter pad in some of the tank water you pulled out and place the pad back in. Do not change it unless if is falling apart.

    Whenever you use tap water, make sure to use a chemical to remove all the harmful materials in it. Also make sure you are putting in correct tempature water, should have a slight cold feeling to it but not freezing. Roughly 70 degrees.

    2. White stuff is just a mineral buildup from your tap water and/or chemicals you used. Just wipe it clean/ rinse it, it will not harm your fishtank.

    3. If you local store does not sell the filter you need, order it online. Google is your friend.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    1. Use tap water or dirty tank water. No soap or chemicals.

    2. See number 1.

    3.No. Leave that filter cartridge in there.

    4.Get some more conditoner. I would move the female right away, the 1.7 gallon home is too small for any fish.

    5. Get the 3 gallon tank heated, filtered, and have a lid on it. Fish should not be housed in a 1.7 gallon, period. Make sure when you move the betta that you change the water twice a week at 30% of the water.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hey the best way to clean everything you have regarding 1 and 2 is to soak everything in a hot/warm mild bleach bath. This will help to kill all the algae and bacteria that has accumulated. Once they are soaked rinse every piece off at least twice. If you have rocks, rinse them in hand w/ or w/o bleach until the water runs clear (you may have to do this within the tank to keep from loosing the rocks).

    As for the filter, which brand did you buy originally? The piece of paper which lists all items that came with the tank when you originally bought it should tell you. OR if you know it is an Aqueon tank or a Top Fin tank you will need to buy that specific brand. Top Fin is only at petsmart and Aqueon is at petsmart, petco and a few other stores. The boxes of filters at the store will say the max tank size for that size filter. Yours should be an XS. Do NOT reuse them if they are dirty b/c they will not have the efficiency needed to clean the tank.

    #4- If you have conditioner (which is needed) make sure you put in the required amount. It should say amount on the bottle somewhere. Once you have it conditioned UNLESS it says that it works immediately, I would wait at least 10 mins. For my big tank, I put conditioner into the water as I am filling my bucket up to refill (36 Gallon).

    It might be nice for your fish to have a little companionship. Both males and females get along with a variety of fish.

  • Sharla
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    9 years ago

    Go to store and bu beta fish salt and really soak the crap out the old tankscrub with soap free brush rinse and repeat you have to many germs built up you are going to require a very large box use hot water, and if you dont' do it right the female is going to suffer slowly i have had beta before and cautionsHANDLE with care always

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