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Does Katniss have some feelings for Peeta in The Hunger Games Book?

In The Hunger Games Book towards the end, Peeta confesses her really does love, but Katniss is not sure of her feelings towards him. But do you think Katniss at least has some feelings for Peeta in the first book? Because she talks about how she'll be sad when they let go of their hands. She might be unsure if she really really loves him, but do you think she at least has some deep feelings?

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    9 years ago
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    She'll be sad about letting go of his hand because:

    A. She likes the attention and knows he'll always love her, and

    B. She hates herself for breaking his heart because she is not sure that she will ever be able to return his love in the same way -- it's all been a way to stay alive to her, but

    C. Like you said at first, she is not sure about how she feels, but that's better than saying 'no', because

    D. She is not sure about how she really feels about Gale at that point.

    But, to answer your last question, just like nearly all of us at that age, we are not sure about what is "Real or Not Real" to con a phrase. it's complicated, as they might say as a relationship status on fb.

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    5 years ago

    Katniss does love Peeta. However I reckon her love for him is overshadowed by using his love for her and the opposite things she has on her intellect which for those who consider about it's a lot seeing as she is trying to remain alive and keep her adored ones alive too as well as fitting the Mockingjay. However over the three books, I reckon she realises simply how so much she cannot reside without Peeta. He is a part of her, like Gale is however Gale is just too much like her and he or she are not able to deliver herself to love someone in that method that is so like her. I assume you are proper she loves Peeta however they both love every different on distinct stages. She becomes extra hardened by the losses she experiences, however he opens to her. It fairly is hard to tell. However she does reply his query of affection on the finish of Mockingjay and Katniss could have stated no, and as a rule would have said no if she did not love him. However i suppose this was her manner of proving she does...

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    I think she doesn't even want to give it thought, she knows where she stands and she feels her main responsibility is to take care of her family and I don't think she really cares about love. Although I do think she has some feelings for him in the end of the first book because she knows what a good person he is and it's obvious she feels safe around him

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    She is in the process of falling in love with him in book 1. She just isn't aware of it. How can you be aware of your heart when your head is telling you you're in danger? Anyway, she doesn't want to let go because of the safety she feels with him. But, somethings she's not aware of....they have bonded. Deeply. Think about it. They saved each other's lives. That kind of bond goes extremely deep. So, to answer your question. Yes. She is developing feelings for him. She is not full on in love yet, but very deeply bonded.

    The kind of love we all deserve.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    She does have some feeling towards him. I think in the book she mentions in one kiss she really feels something deep inside. She isn't sure but I think something is definitely there...x

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    At that point, she's beginning to have feelings for Peeta, but she just doesn't realize it yet.

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    I think she just felt that she owed him, and during the Games she used his feelings to survive.

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    maybe...but i think not love.,i didnt read the book,but maybe she just feel secure holding hands with him...

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