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Can value of gifts reflects the valuation of a friendship?

I have an very best friend who always gave me cheap presents like pen after her oversea holidays. Someday, I heard she bought an expensive stuff for another friend from oversea. My question is: does the value of the gift she gave me is her valuation of our friendship?

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  • 9 years ago
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    It really depends. If she bought you a pen as a souvenir, it's okay maybe she bought all her friends gifts and she couldn't afford to buy anything expensive. And plus it wasn't like it was a special occasion or a holiday where she had to buy you a gift. So you shouldn't feel offended over that.

    However, if she buys you a pen for your birthday, then yea there is something wrong with that I know it's the thought that counts but if she always gets you things like that, either she is really broke or she is bad at picking out gifts. I am not saying that she doesn't like you or values your friendship less because of how much she spends. Still considering she is your best friend, she should put more thought into the gift.

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