How did the vietnam war affect the united states?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The war in Vietnam affected the U. S. in many ways, most of them being negative. The negative effects that I am talking about are the myths that have become accepted as History, the illusions that made the United States fight this war in the first place, and the legacies that the people of the United States and Vietnam live with today.

    During the short span of the Vietnamese war, 2.5 million people died, and millions more displaced. More bombs were dropped than all of World War II, and over one quarter of Vietnam's forests were killed by Agent Orange. No war has divided the American public like the Vietnam War.

    The American people wanted nothing to do with the Vietnam war. Having witnessed the unthinkable acts of violence through their TVs, and the obviousness that the Vietnamese did not want them there in the first place, the majority of Americans distanced themselves from the war. The Vietnam war was also their most debilitating war, costing them more than $167 billion dollars a year. This pushed the US economy to its limits, and resulted in its only defeat thus far.

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  • 4 years ago

    With the unification of Vietnam under the Communist government of the North, the U.S. had officially failed to achieve its objectives. A nation accustomed to grand victories suffered its first major defeat; the "longest war" was a military, political, and social disaster, one that would haunt Americans for decades. From Shmoop

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  • 8 years ago

    The US came out the war very less popular, they lost their face to the rest of the world and themselves but the most important thing: it had cost them tons and tons of money and soldier lives, all in vain.

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