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please help?! how should i pursure this girl! help please! emergency!?

ok so yesterday i met this girl in a co-ed basketball tourny and she was on my team. we talked alot, i made her laugh, and i think we flirted. we sat extremely close to each other and when we talked we lookd at each other and our heads were really close. she also broke the touch barrier by grabbing my elbow and saying "lets sit" when we were just standing. then she offered me a ride home but i refused and then she stayed with me until my ride came. we then talked on facebook until about 11:45 pm and then she didnt respond. but we know were gonna see each other later today at a sporting event and i need to know if shes interested or not?

also, how should i ask her on a date? what should i ask? i was planning on doing it before she leaves later today at a sporting event were both going to.

or should i not because its only the second time meeting her? please help!

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  • 9 years ago
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    OH, she totally likes you. It is very likely she fell asleep talking to you online! I think you should ask her out right away, all the signs are there that she's interested so don't make her wait around and wonder what's up.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's obvious that she likes you and you like her so I'm sure she'll say yes. I think what you should do is flirt a bit, try and find out how she feels for you and things should build from there. Maybe she just wants to be friends so don't go strait into it. Hope this helps!!!!!!

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