James Watts steam engine..?

James Watts steam engine had what impact on daily life?

What changed after he invented the steam engine?

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    James Watt profoundly affected the nineteenth century and is the most influential person in that era. His inventions changed the way of life and have revolutionized the world. Although he only lived into the early 1800s, his invention heavily affected and the world far after he died. His ingenious contraption has allowed for faster and more efficient transportation, mass production of goods, and specialization of labor.

    The steam engine was an inventive development that was perfected by James Watt but invented by Thomas Newcomen. However, his slight adjustment, allowed for a more efficient engine that could now be used in all aspects of life, especially the sector of transportation. The steam engine allowed for a large output of power allowing a locomotive or a ship to travel at high speeds relative to that year. Eventually the steam engine's economic effectiveness and overall efficiency spawned the first cars and would later lead to the birth of the airplane. The steam engine was therefore a primary factor in transforming a slow-paced life where both travel and communication would occur leisurely to a life where information could be passed quicker and people could move around rapidly. Clearly, Watt began a revolution of transportation where everything became more accessible and faster.

    Watt's steam engine was not just used to increase the rate of transportation but they were also placed in machines to increase the rate of production. Gears, pulleys, transmitted the power from the steam engine, which operated the machines more efficiently and more productively. The steam engine allowed for the mass production of goods from factories and thus, mass distribution of goods. It provided machines with the power to greatly increase the production and gave factories, who used the steam engine, a clear advantage and led to the new age of assembly lines and industrialization.

    The quality of life was also improved due to the effects of the steam engine. The steam engine encouraged and helped bring about the factory system, which replaced the cottage system and therefore led to specialization of labor, labor unions and new relationships between employer and employee. The increased production of goods, which was brought about by the steam engine, allowed for more ordinary people to access goods that they could not have bought before. Due to many factors a rising population, a growing middle class, growth of urban areas, and decline in death rate all lead us to believe that the quality of life did increase and partly because of the steam engine.

    James Watt was the most influential person in the nineteenth century. He has increased the rate of transportation, mass production of goods, and has partially caused a better quality of life. His impact was felt throughout the Industrial Revolution and his influence can be felt far after.

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