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how do i fix this? or should i? am i being to clingy?

sooooo ive had a long distance relationship for about a month officially (but we always say how we've liked each other since we first started talking a year ago). we're both 17 and juniors. he lives in texas, me in idaho. its been great even though the distance is hard to cope with sometimes and we both have our personal problems of course which sorta puts a border between us. we are very similiar (like twin similiar, personality wise) and it helps for us to understand how we're feeling bout things but also we'll both want something from the other n not want to give in to the others needs becuz we need something too. well recently he's been acting differently. he's in town for a choir event and first few days he acted like he wanted to meet up and do stuff, but now 2 weeks later he acts like were just friends though we never broke up and i know he's busy with choir stuff but there is stuff id like to talk bout, bout our relationship and questions i have bout a previous convo we had before he came. but he never texts me now. we used to talk every single day and have great convos bout whatever we were thinking bout, buut now its like he's lost interest. n if he has, why wont he say so and break up? yes id feel hurt n miss him terribly but id rather we were apart then me having a boyfriend that doesnt want to talk ever. but also i wonder if im being to clingy. oh and there was a problem where he got in trouble for something that happened earlier in our relationship and he hasn't been the same since then. :( but it wasn't my fault (though he first thought it was) but i dont want to make him angrier by talking bout it if he's really over it. maybe i should stop texting him for awhile? but then i dont want him to think that idc bout him (we both get like that) and that we are just friends. ive been really down lately but so has he and ive pretended to be happy so he wont have to deal with my problems amidst his but he still seems like things are over. how do i bring this up to him when we barely talk? i always text first too, he never texts me /: which i hate! i dont like to be the one that texts first becuz then i feel he gets annoyed of me (which i wouldn't doubt). soooo any tips? answers? anything would help!! i just dont want to do something wwrong and make things worse then they are :( i really love him... pls and thank you!!! sorry that its sort of long >.<


also hes been having problems with his phone.... /: i texted him and he hasnt replied yet but i hope he will soon. thanks for all the advice and you were all right! :) i just need to talk, not worry n wait.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Aww babe :( love is the most wonderful thing in the world. But its also the worst. you should call him. If he doesnt pick up, leave a voicemail. And just be as honest as you can with him. Really. Be like hey, I dont want to be clingy. I just think i deserve to know whats going on. Please dont ignore me. If you dont like me anymore than say so, or tell me whats wrong and i will just listen. Please. Text me, call me, even just once. Tell me whats going on?

    And be strong girl. Be strong. Its things like these that makes us who we are. Dont let it ruin you. Make it make you stronger <3

    Answer mine pleeeaaassseee? I am seeing him tonight idk what to do.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    honestly, you should just straight up ask him what's going on. You can't fix the problem without communicating your feelings with each other... you are in a relationship after all! Just say hey you've been acting kind of distant lately and I just want to make sure everything's ok with us and he'll probably be really open with his feelings. good luck! :)

  • 9 years ago

    same, d.i.t.t.o. same is the my story, i'm 18 tho'. last february he asked me, and in summers (may that is) when he visited the town he started behaving weird! for the first time when we were to actually be on a "date", he kept postponing it again and again. i tried to talk to him, but he said everything was fine... he just kinda detested. i'm still "talking" with him.. but its not at all near to what it used to be :'(

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