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I like him...oh ****. HELP.?

I just started my first job about a month ago and i work this guy. He graduated from my school last year but since i was new the middle of last year i didnt know him. He's into rock music, drinking, and smoking. He used to have long hair but now its short. He's really cute in my eyes and super funny. But he has a girlfriend and he's a little over 18. I'm also17. Is that legal in Indiana? Last night i had a dream that he was in and when i googled the interpretation it pretty much said i really like him. When i first met him i was pretty quiet and thats his interpretation of me. I want him to know the outgoing person i am. I want him to dump his girlfriend and i want him to fall in love with me. PLEASE HELP ME.

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    let's see

    u want him to dump his gf

    just to know if he dump her then be ready ...he will leave u too when he'll get bored of u :p

    if he's that kind of guys

    now let's see

    talk to him ...begin a friend relationship ...know more about him :)

    and then decide ...

    don't start smoking or drinking girl ! be careful ...

    + I think you're in love :3 love isn't about happy life ever after :p it's about crying all night wishing for the impossible and worrying too much ><

    its a hard thing ^^"

    just talk to him and don't try to force him into u

    if he'll like u ..then its good if not well ...cry and then get over it ^^

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Honestly, I think you should stop thinking about him. your feelings will pass. he may be cute, but you deserve so much better than him! he illegaly drinks! you should be with a guy who is sweet and cares about you more than anything else. i dont think this guy is your guy!

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