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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationCar MakesMitsubishi · 9 years ago

Why is my Mitsubishi montero '98 running then stalling?

I have a Mitsubishi montero '98 and it's been acting up lately. Around 2 weeks ago I was driving and it was running great then all of a sudden it began to fade, as if it were losing power and speed and it began to slow down. Then it would run good for a few secs then kind of lose power again. The entire vehicle then started having these strange hum/jerkish motions to it, it seemed like it was trembling almost. After that, I pulled over and turned it off and waited quite a bit and then started and it nada, no problems at all. The A/T, oil light and the charging system light were doing some funky stuff at first then quit and I had no problems at all once more...

I had no problems with it until 2 days ago it did the exact same thing. I had trouble driving it and had to go real slow, and so I took it to get it checked and they didn't find anything wrong with it. I just brought it home and it was running fine.

Now I don't know anything about cars, but some people have mentioned something about the gas getting clogged, or the battery, or the transmission even...but I don't know. Any ideas on what might be wrong?

Thanks! C:

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    9 years ago
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    did you take it to a dealer or just your local mechanic? i know dealers are really expensive but you might be better off going there. there is no reason the computer won't show something wrong if there is. sounds like a sensor of some type is bad. mitsubishi is famous for setting up their cars to run slow or not run at all if a sensor goes bad. the first clue would be when you turn it off and that seems to fix things. it's just resetting itself.

    Source(s): happy owner 97 Montero w/ 255,000 miles and going strong. the car, not me.
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