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i am 13 and i need a laptop for school and i get at least $30 a week and i already have $736 but i need to kno?

i need to kno what one would fit me best for school



i just submited a question similar to this and 2 people anwered it but they said it would take 40 weeks but i already have 736 dolars and so on

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get the 11 inch Macbook Air (the smallest and cheapest one).

    The 11" Macbook Air would be very light and take little room in your school bag as you carry it around all day. The small form factor is also very convenient to use it anywhere anytime (just like an iPad only more powerful). I would strongly suggest you pay a little more and get a Macbook Air with 4 Gb of on board memory as this is more efficient than just 2 Gb. 64 gb of drive space should be fine for school work. After you buy your Mac you should then save up for an external plug in USB hard drive and the optional Apple Superdrive for use at home and for extra storage for iTunes music and other stuff. In American dollars this would come to about $1099 in total. With the money you have saved now and with the $30 you are saving each week you should have enough money for your new computer in about 12 weeks (give or take a week).

    You will get a student discount if you tell the guys at the Apple store (or buy from the Apple online education store) it is for school. They will need a student ID card, or get your parents to show proof. With the student discount the Mac I suggested you buy would cost $1039 with 4 Gb memory. You might also be able to order one through your school and get the discount automatically. Ask your parents to check with the school if they can do this.

    Source(s): Mac User who uses a 13" Macbook Air and a 27" quadcore i5 iMac. ,,,^..^,,,
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    with a mac, you only have 2 choices. the normal one or the 17 inch one. the normal one is fine for you. macs suck

  • 9 years ago

    No, it doesn't have to be a mac.. Because macs won't do what you want to do

    Bam. good laptop, decent at games, for less money then you already have.

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