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How will the instructor know if you cheated on a test if the class is online?

Let’s say a student took an online class and if that student had an exam, anybody could cheat and get answers. All it would take is for a student to look at the textbook for answers or find a way to google answers in a heartbeat even if the test is timed.

So how will the instructor even know if the student cheated on an exam or know if the student really knew the answers and studied if it is only an online course and if the instructor can’t see you through the computer? There is no way of knowing that if it is an online class compared to going to class face to face where the instructor watches you and make sure you put your notes and textbooks away!

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  • David
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    9 years ago
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    if the instructor knows the extent of your knowledge on the subject and feels you know enough to get a B and you get A+ he will most likely assume cheating. Also if it is timed the question may switch on you before you have time to answer.

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