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Justin Bieber photo gallery of pics submitted by users?

I'm looking for an online photo gallery of photos that were submitted by users. I used to find REALLY good pics on that website. I had it saved in my bookmarks until my laptop broke and I had to find a new one. I remember having to click the arrow to see the next one and you could see the very next and previous photos smaller but on the same page. Thanks for your help!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You may have a good chance of getting your old data back by plugging your old hard drive to your new computer. Since it's may be complicated the best tip just in case would be to take your old computer to a computer shop and tell them you want the data on your hard drive. They might offer you some prices and solutions to this but if your ready to do this on your own then follow those tips:

    1. look under your laptop, you should see some screws to open some panels. take those screws off and open those panels until you see a laptop hardrive. if you never looked at one it should be rectangular and very small compared to a desktop harddrive.

    2. unplug it from your broken laptop

    3. From this part, you'll need a laptop hardrive adapter to usb. You can get those in a computer store (maybe best buy). Tell them you want to connect a laptop hardrive to usb.

    Once you've got that device, plug the old hardrive to your adapter and plug the adapter on your new pc USB connections

    4. wait till your pc detects your adapter and all you have to do is go on that hard drive from your windows explorer to copy your data (pictures, movies whatever) to your new pc

    I hope this is clear since I know those are only the big lines. Easier method would be to take it to a computer shop and have it recover your data but its not cheaper than buying the adapter and try it yourself.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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