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Need help with dog adoption!?!?

I'm adopting a dog soon, and there is currently a rottweiler in my nearest shelter, he is playfull and energetic, i got hooked, but im afraid he will turn out to be a complete wreck... im not sure if he is a pure bred or a mutt... and ive heard from several sources getting rottweiler mutts can cause complete chaos because of their inestability... i would appreciate some advice...also im no dog expert but he looks pretty purebred... if you could look at these pictures maybe give me some input on your opinion...

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    There really is no way of knowing what temperment this dog has unless he has been tested and even then you won't know how this dog will react to situations until they come up. I would request a temperment test, most shelters have an employee that knows how to perform this. Ask for a 2 week trial period. If he passes the test, take him home. BEFORE EVER taking him into your home, once you get home with him, walk him for 30-40 minutes, then lead him into your home. Leaving the leash on him, allow him full access to the house and show him around. Training starts the second you takehim from the shelter. Arrange training sessions with an experienced handler (experienced with strong working dogs). Start the lessons right off the bat. Not only will YOU learn how to handle a powerful dog, but this also will create bonding time as well as teaching this dog who the pack leader is. Never yell, never hit. Be gentle. By being gentle, you will be showing this dog how to be gentle.

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    I've had dogs all my life and lemme tell you: DO YOU REALLY THINK A PUREBRED WILL GIVE YOU MORE LOVE THAN A MUTT?? Second: whether they're purebred or mutts Rottweilers are hard dogs to work with, you need to be very calm and assertive but dominant at the same time otherwise he will think he can be the boss and that's when troubles happens. U will need lots of patience, time to train him as well as somebody to help you out if you're a first dog's owner. Is not about the bred is about being able to be the pack leader, and that's the same both with purebred and mutts and it's not easy task it takes patience, training and LOVE. Always remember PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO DECIDE HOW A DOG SHOULD BEHAVE, that's the reason why loads of Rottweilers get put down every year, because their owners can't find the time and patience to train them and the poor dogs end up attacking people.

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    there is purely approximately continuously an adoption value of everywhere from 50 -2 hundred funds or extra in uncommon circumstances. the clarification is by using the fact maximum shelters run off of those expenses and donations and additionally they ought to pay for the charges of treating the canine if it had an ailment and that they must feed it and prepare it and all of that stuff. additionally, a canine that became hit via a automobile or had a existence saving surgical operation might value extra through scientific expenditures.

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    Looks like a nice dog. He should be fine if you put time and effort into training him, playing with him and make sure to introduce him to other dogs in controlled environments. So set up the 2 dogs (get a friend with one) in a room and let them meet each other, play etc. Make sure you exercise him too because dogs can get restless without him. Also, try not to leave him at home for extended periods of time, especially when you first get him.

    Overall, if you have the time and are prepared to put in the effort, go for it.

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    That is NOT and I repeat NOT a Rottweiler. It is a mix. Rott/German Shepherd/Rott/Lab or no Rott at all.

    If you take a good look at a purebred Rottie you will know.

    As far as bringing him home? Your first answer is good.

  • Anonymous
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    That mutt is NOT anything like a Rott...or any other purebred!

    NO mongrel is predictable or consistent for ANY trait.....which does ***NOT*** mean mutts are "unstable"!!!

    ALL dogs require training & discipline=NONE come pre-programmed right out of the box from the factory.

    *&* children are adopted.


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