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What do you think of this stable?

Immoral P

Leader - The Miz

Members - Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder

Manager- Vickie Guerrero

They can be a heel group. This will give four superstars that are good and need a push. I really think the miz is the future of raw so I put him as the leader. WWE was stupid to break up dolph and jack because there are actually a good pure tag team. The name of the stable should be Immoral P. Why? WWE is starting to act immoral as if they can't die out which there getting kinda boring on Monday nights and the p stands for period. So I wonder what you think of this stable. Give feedback if you can. By afternoon check up on me, I will have another post out with things wwe should do to stay alive. This stable will be in it to.

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    I like that stable very much, but Ryder really won't turn heel anytime soon, trust me, WWE won't do that, and I like Miz a lot, but I really don't think he is the future of RAW, but he does deserve a push, another push, like the one get got back mid 2011. So yeah, a pretty good stable, but won't happen, becuse WWE have already made up their mind to break up Swagger and Ziggler, so they can't be in a stable together, and I think WWE want to turn Swagger face, finally lol, and I think Ziggler needs to regain the US title from the joke of a champion Santino Marella, he does NOT deserve it, it is not prestigious anymore because of him, WWE really fvcked up there,

    And really ? Immortal ? sorry, a bit of a rip off from the group in TNA much, so I think a different name, Justifiable Future is what is should be called, because they do deserve more, and when they finally succeed, they can change their name to Justified Future, and it should be Miz as leader, giving him a push, Ziggler because Swagger is becoming a face, Ryder is staying a face because if he turns heel, his webshow will disappear, and that gets WWE high ratings, so if WWE want to drop Cody Rhodes from the WHC chase afte rhe loses at No Way Out, he could join ? maybe D Bryan could join, and instead of Miz as leader, Cody could be the leader, going for the WHC/WWE title, Ziggler going for the US title and Bryan and Miz going for the tag titles ! yes they said the were going to forn a tag team after Wrestlemania, after extreme rules is the perfect time ! so yeah, it could happen, excellent idea my friend, very good indeed

    Leader: Cody Rhodes (feuding with CM Punk for WWE title)

    Members: Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Daniel Bryan

    Mid Carder: Dolph Ziggler

    Tag Team: Daniel Bryan and The Miz


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    I would switch it up a bit. Swagger n ziggler are no longer goin to be a team ad ryder is a undercard face. Miz would fit as a leader but I see him having titus oneal and young. In the stable and later on screwing them over. Typical miz.

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