How many votes did the queen get?


At least a president (and a president need not be an executive president) would have an electoral mandate, would not be there by right of birth, would be an office any citizen could aspire to and would have a clearly defined job description. I challenge anyone to give an adequate description of what a monarch's self-styled "role" actually is, or say what qualifies them for the job.

Update 2:

The notion that the Queen brings tourists is nonsense. I have visited many countries which are monarchies and never once thought I would get to see their monarch. The Republic of France is the most visited country in the world. In no way does the Queen attract tourists. None.

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    She got none. The argument that Parliament voted return the monarchy isn't exactly the truth, Parliament was made up of very privileged people in those times the ordinary Brit did not even get to vote for genuine local representation. The people who did return charles II was paid off with huge amounts of wealth and land,

    Land and wealth they still retain to this day I may add.

    Any other attempt since to remove the monarchy through parliament would be be blocked by the House of lords. A huge number of whom are still the descendants of those royalists who helped return Charles II to the throne or helped William the conqueror invade and occupy us in the first place.

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    Its no surprise this coming weeks events will bring out the misguided left wingers the Queen of course did not get voted in but the public mood shows support. The Republicans keep spouting the same line like the cost which is nothing ( its a fact she and her family bring in more than they take) and the emotive argument about elected head like more politics is good for the country the constitutional monarchy is a good arrangement above party politics gives unity and a living tradition which is attractive abroad brings trade and and good relations.We have a elected government which make decisions some bad ones Cameron and his cronies indeed need booting out its politicians which cause us the most headache not her Majesty.

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    I haven't looked the exact figure but it was about 3/4 of the House of Commons.

    Myth the Queen is totally unelected, Royalty was invited back in 1660 by Parliament, who are elected to represent, us and the Country rejected the idea of a President.

    A Protestant King & Queen were then invited to take the Throne in 1689, again supported by Parliament, and likewise George I who was 32nd in line to the Throne.

    On the Queen's ascendancy to the Throne there was a vote again on her expenses, which if the People had not wanted a Monarch could easily have been blocked, it was overwhelmingly voted through.

    There has been various Commons votes that if the Monarchy was no longer wanted, could easily have been voted out.

    If you want to put YOUR money up for an Election of a President and waste money putting it to a National Vote, no one is stopping you, but it should be Your money not mine, and you should pay for me to electioneer against you, because I don't want money wasted in a silly vote that proves nothing.

    Except that the people who don't want a Monarch are too stupid to accept the numerous votes and chances they have of voting against that regularly come about.

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    Great idea, replace the Queen with another politician.

    Replace a hard-working, self-paying tourist attraction with another greedy idiot who's only out to line his own pockets.

    Look at the list of recent Prime Ministers and tell me that you liked a single one of them.

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    Not even worth a proper reply

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    Which queen?

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