What would you do if yOur boyfriend ....?

Well today was screwed up. So I wanted to know what other people would have done in my situation. This is the start to block exams, a very stressful period for seniors. My boyfriend of 2 years now, usually acts indifferent and distant whenever exams come up. His temper is extremely short. Ever I get upset and cry over him, he doesn't budge at all. But he isn't normally like this. Before grade twelve he always treated me like his princess. No matter what I did wrong he would always welcome me with open arms. I loved he time I've spend wih him all these 2 years. Something like this also happened in the past. But back then he left me habit to play games or study. Wouldn't really talk to me at all when we got home, and at school he'd always zone out and not talk too. At of people bag asked me why I didn't just real up with him for that when I had2 other guys liking me in that time period. Al happened, but we finally made it through. After that whole insistent which happened for about2-4 ish months, he treated me so well. I ask anything of him and he does it without question. He'd always comfort me even if we did fight. But now it's different and I'm scared he same thing is gonna happen again.

Today when I saw him at school before my exam (we go to school when we do have exams, and after completing the exam we leave for home). I was so happy to see him and without thinking I jumped to hug him and accidentally hit his slightly swollen wrist. He screamed out "FOR FUKS SAKES" which made his friends look at me wih a face that kinda says "what a *****". Because I can't take expressions like that dirrecting at me, I walked away after 10 minutes of awkwardly standing there. He goes after me for 1m and stands there yelling "are you just gonna walk away?". I turned around with a really upset expression and said, "I don't know *name*..." Then all I heard was, " fine do watever the hell you want" and he walks away

After the long nap I had in the exam time, I walked out and sat down, I had to make up wih him to stop the dfhsohfksd. Then after a while the stupid grade 8 boys that sat right next to us started making stupid Crow sounds and screaming. After 10 minutes of it me and my friends got extremely annoyed and I snapped. I stormed to then and yelled "SHUT THE *** YOU PIECES OF beeeep*" and my bf went to the most annoying ones and got into his face. He then talked/lectured him in a very annoyed manner. I tried to stop him when he grabbed his head and the slapped him. Yayyy... No I pulled him back and lectured him that blowing of at them wih yelling is one thing, but gettin physical is another thing. I talked about what if they have connecttions . Each time he sniggered and chuckles at me with an attitude so I said "fine whatever than *name*" then he walked away wih his umbrella. After 5 minutes I walked out the front of the school. I had to stand there in the storming rain for 15 minutes as he stood there and talked to his friends and kept looking at me from under his umbrella. I got soaked, and now I have pneumonia. We have benefiting for the last few days because Of him cold shouldering me. What would u have done?

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  • I would've apologized for the wrist thing and yes walked away and when he would yell why I was walking away I would say I thought he didn't want me there. I wouldn't have gone off on those boys either iwould walk away from them.

  • 3 years ago

    it must be annoying for you, yet your mom is in basic terms preserving you and does not desire something to ensue to you. Age distinction does not rely she would have the capacity to consistently assume a guy is to old for you on account which you're her daughter. And specific your mom could have met your father the same time you met yours and your mom probable made some errors that she in basic terms does not desire repeated to you. in basic terms pay attention to her with the aid of fact in the top if something does ensue to you, you will experience undesirable for no longer listening and you will experience sorry with regard to the end result.

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