What is Ringo Starr like in concert?

I'm going to go see Ringo Starr in June and I know that he doesn't accept fan mail anymore, but I don't know anything about what he's like at concerts. Does he do those post concert fan meeting things? Is he talkative, or does he not say anything like Bob Dylan. I'm really nervous because he's basically my idol and I really don't want to be disappointed or something so if anyone has seen him, could you please help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    First of all, awesome and you are really lucky to see Ringo (I saw Paul McCartney in London in 2010)

    I have not seen him sadly but he does talk in concert I think and he is a cool guy but just remember how famous he is so he might or might not sign, but don't take it personally, it is just for security and privacy if he doesn't. But maybe he will have a post concert meeting or sign a few things. But just enjoy the concert because it will be awesome.

    P.S. If you choose this as best question can you say when you are going and how old you are because I am only 13 and want to see if any other younger people are Ringo fans

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  • 9 years ago

    There are a lot of clips of Ringo Starrs, All-Starr Revue on youtube, you should check that out. He doesn't do a lot of talking that I have seen in the videos, but maybe they edit that out. The band puts on a good performance, so you should have a great time at the concert! =)

  • 4 years ago

    dress casually and dress as your self!! in case you dress up you're gonna seem as in case you're trying too stressful. And in case you do no longer dress like your self you will no longer have almost as sturdy of a time. and don't placed on your superb outfits! each physique is frequently shifting around, with beverages of their palms, some thing is perchance gonna spill on you, consistent with threat even ripped. mushy footwear are additionally a could! and make optimistic they're closed toe footwear, you will get stepped on. additionally, do no longer take a handbag, it merely gets interior the way. in case you could desire to take funds, placed it someplace else. a handbag is merely yet another ingredient you could save a watch on. yet in all honesty, merely be mushy. it particularly is not approximately what you seem as though, or the way you act. circulate loopy!! absolutely everyone is going to be paying interest to Ringo. desire this help!

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