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Question about United States welfare??

So today my history teacher told us that there has not been welfare in the united states since the late 70's... Is that true? I am always hearing about welfare and other social aid programs... Is she stupid or just dumb?


@Abdi... I don't even know how to respond to such ignorance... Did you make it past 7th grade? Get a life... What country do you live in? I would love to insult you for where you live tough guy.

Update 2:

@Americalicious That is what I thought.. Nobody questioned her when she said it and I didn't want to because I was almost certain she was wrong... Thanks!

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    The federal government mandates many forms of welfare, including Food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, housing assistance, and many others. Welfare is far more than general assistance. It's shear idiocy to claim there is no welfare in the USA.

    The earned income tax credit is welfare, as is extended unemployment benefits. Any government program that grants aid to anyone, without it being earned, like Social Security, Medicare, and regular Unemployment IS welfare.

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    He's correct. There is TANF which is a temporary form of welfare that goes to families with children and only for a short time and much less than you could live on.

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    Yeah you're teacher is an idiot

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