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craigslist related murder question. Is my possible transaction safe?

various people have been killed due to craiglist scam or false ads. So I was looking at cars for sale on craigslist and there was a listing of 2007 toyota avalon with 42,000 miles for 4000 dollars. I was stunned and thought its very good deal. I immediately expressed my interest in email and questioned why the price is so low. I got response saying, "i am going through a stressful divorce right now and due to severe depression I no longer care about selling price. I just want to get rid of the car and move on with my life". Then I replied yes I will pay the 4000 and i'm totally ready. He gave me an address too appear at. However the address is very rural and it is kind of a very remote area. I read some people got killed due to CL. Is this case real, or its something bad? Should I go to the specified address to see the car. The person said to make sure I come with 4,000 dollar cash so that he can immediately get rid of car.

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    get some backup police

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    As a frequenter of CL, I never ASK people to come to my home. If the area is VERY RURAL take some friends as everyone suggested.

    Another idea is to ask the seller to meet with you in a more public and frequented place.

    However, a concern that I would have is that you may get a decent car for 4K, but the story sounds a bit "off" and if he is unwilling to drive a few extra miles to sell you the car at a public spot, then its not worth the time. IMHO.

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    You could be setting yourself up to be robbed of your $4000 or worse. Tell them you need a mechanic to check out the car first before you pay for it and ask them to meet you at the garage of your choice. It's worth paying $100 for a mechanic to check out the car than to buy a car for $4000 then find out it needs $3000 worth of work. Car sales on Craiglslist are on an "as is" basis and you can't get your money back if the car is a lemon. Also be sure to verify in person that the seller's license is the same name as on the car title.

    If he won't meet you at the garage, DO NOT buy it and do not go there with money unless you have a friend who is a police officer who will drive you there in his police car.

    I would never travel to any rural area with $4000 cash, even with another person. If there are two guys with guns there you could be with 5 people and still get attacked

    Read this

    These are not isolated incidents, there are hundreds of news stories from around the country with the same story

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    Be very careful with this, if you decide to go, make sure you take someone with you (who's going to drive your car home?) Make sure to tell several people where you will be going. Do a search on the internet for the address and see what you can find (check your local city/county/state site for property ownership and see if it matches).

    Don't bring cash, go inspect the car and if the person is legit have them meet you at a bank near by.

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    The people that get killed are the ones thast place the ads, and let the strangers/murderers into their house. Take a friend with you, preferably a big one, and you should be fine. If that is a good deal, jump on it before someone else does. Have it looked at, it could have a bad engine/trans, with some additive that will keep it running long enough to sell...

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    I have sold lots of cars in CL for cheap but idk just take like two or 3 othere ppl with you and make sure the car is in good condition may be it ain't that's why it cheap idk good luck

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