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How to get perfect baby skin like Nichkhun oppa?

How does he get such perfect skin?

Doctor prescription skin creams?

I already use Retin A and Clindamycin, and that has helped some, but I still have problems with my skin texture, blackheads, large pores, and zits still (I'm almost 19) :/

Maybe the side of my cheeks can compare and are smooth and clear, but it's my nose and cheeks around my nose, and forehead that I have the most problems with !! >_<

I'm pale as him but my skin's condition is not good..

Any advice? :)

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    You need to hydrate and moisturize your skin every day, eat healthy, wear sunblock, use acne removing creams, and look through youtube videos on tips and tutorials. Also, be sure to try out DIY [Do It Yourself] Masks. I recommend that you purchase Missha's BB Cream. The BB cream is maybe 20$+ but if you take the time to look around Ebay for a cheaper price, you will find it. The higher the BB cream's number is, the darker the cream is; the lower the number is, the lighter the cream will be. BB Creams are for all types of skin, and can be worn at anytime except for during sleep. Yes it IS a foundation cream, but at the same time, it's a moisturizer that keeps your skin looking its best. <-- click on the picture to enlarge the image.

    For blackheads:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Good luck.

    @Estrella: Just because this question was not posted in the corresponding section, it does not give you the right to not answer the question properly; you either answer the question or do not answer at all. Plus, it is rather understandable that the poster would ask here, since people are more likely to be familiar with the idol in the KOREA section than in any other section on Y!A. Think before you post.

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    The way to superb dermis is to drink lots of water, eat healthily and to cleanse tone and moisturize day-to-day with excellent products (clinique, for illustration is steeply-priced but it surely works) a further factor that is best for dermis in the long run is using sunscreen daily (even when it appears gloomy) due to the fact that solar publicity is likely one of the major factors of growing older of the dermis toddlers have gentle dermis in view that it's new and so they have not been uncovered to air pollution, bloodless air etc at the same time within the womb hope it helps :)

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    Drink a lot of water, have a healthier diet and don't expose your skin to too much sun.

    What's going on inside your body shows on the skin. You could also steam your face and not pick on your face.

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    Just because you put the word 'oppa' in the title doesn't mean this question belongs in the Korea section. Try asking in the Beauty & Style or maybe Health sections.

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