Are all states Required to offer the same Medicare Supplement plans?

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    9 years ago
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    Medicare supplement policies have several plans letters A through G. They vary in every state and the benefits for each plan vary. Ask any insurance agent in your local area. You can see or talk with someone who sells Medigap policies. They are not required to offer Medigap plans and not every insurance company offers them.

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    and many exclude people with chronic medical conditions

    my bfs Mom has not been able to find a Medicare Supplement that will cover her dialysis, diabetes, and COPD

    apparently, kidney failure is allowed to be completely excluded from coverage in most states

    so, she is on Medicare (age & disability) and also has to pay $580 per month for her Medicaid spend-down

    this leaves her with a total of $680 to live off each month... from that she must pay rent, power, phone, and food (Missouri gave her $13 in FoodStamps)

    I will share with you another example... if you are on Medicare & under 55... there might not be any Medicare Supplement or Medigap policy available to you... It sux, but it is true

    Your state's Insurance Commissioner's Office may know of an option that isn't listed on Medicare's site

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