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How many Foster parents have had a bad expirence in doing foster care? What are some of the con's?

What are some of the con's I should be aware of or prepare myself for before going into it? Please only people who have done foster care-not past foster children or others. I just want to hear from those who have commited themselfs to this loving act-for the children-not thier pockets. Thank you!

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    The best place to go for these answers is National Foster Families Examiner. You will get your questions answered without frill, truthful questions by someone who has been advocating, teaching workshops for many years.

    Pro's the children you assist, the love you share with them, they take with them what you have given them. Cons allegations, emotional, behavioral problems. These children have been through the mill, taumatized sometimes by their bilogical parents, and deffinately by the system. Learn all you can before you attempt to do this.


    Marilyn 877-FPA-CHILD

    Source(s): Life's lessons and 25 years experience.
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