What is the Fuel of the Toyota Supra 1998?

Toyota Supra 1998

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    8 years ago
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    High octane fuel where i live the Supra needs to run on at least 97octane and one of my friend's even tried to run his na Supra on a lesser fuel only to lose most of his power.

    MPG wise both the NA and TT Supra run around the same and my mates who run both types get around 18mpg this figure may go up or down per car but not by much but be lucky i get 14mpg driving really slow in my R33 Skyline.

    An octane fuel video i added on youtube just show difference on types of fuels.


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    Source(s): My ride with one mates Supra. http://carphotos3.cardomain.com/images/0015/43/92/...
  • 8 years ago

    You don't need 97; 91 is fine. Toyota recommends premium fuel for turbos and nonturbos.

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    91 FOR NON TURBO ENGINE 94 FOR TURBO ENGINE (OCTANE LEVEL) www.mtl-autoparts.com - the best auto parts website yet

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