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Would DUI in Ma that I got arrested for and not convicted hurt my chances with renewal of my gun license?

I live in Massachusetts and got arrested three and a half years ago for DUI and fought it in court for a year and the case ended up dropped with no charges. My job requires to carry a gun and my class A gun license is about to expire. I'm worried that I won't be able to renew my license and lose my job because the police station can hold the arrest against you to allow the renewal. If I do lose my job would I be able to collect unemployment? Any help? Thanks

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    If the case was dropped, and no charges, you shouldn't have any problem, I'd think.

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    "initially I wasn't below the impression of alcohol If i grow to be impaired i does not have pushed... second of all all of us could celebration and regrettably I stay in a suburban position" initially, in case you took motive force's ed you ought to have common that in CA, if you're below 21 some thing over 0.00 blood alcohol is a DUI. meaning in case you drank some thing. i comprehend you want to have relaxing, even if it really is illegitimate to drink some thing andchronic if you're below 21. in case you actually could celebration, you could both have a DD, or sleep it off before youchronic. end blaming human beings for what you probably did. As for the DMV, attempt back for the effort license. don'tchronic, because the perfect situation you want is to get arrested, have your automobile impounded, be fined, and so on. notwithstanding if youchronic very effectively, there'll be police officials who pull human beings over for going 27 in a 25 zone, or for not preventing thoroughly at a proper turn at a pink gentle. and clearly, there is the DUI checkpoint each so usually, the position they examine each body's license. i comprehend that the conventional public transportation in Santa Cruz likely leaves a lot to be wanted. I advise you call a cab to take you to and from college. that's fairly inconvenient, yet possible, and also you isn't risking some thing. in case you actually won't be able to locate the money for some funds an afternoon to take the cab, even if you end determining to purchase non-needs like alcohol, get an element-time interest both on campus or interior of strolling distance out of your position.

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