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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCredit · 8 years ago

I.C. system help with debt?!?

Alright so i received a letter in the mail from I.C. System INC telling me that I owe ebay $2000 and that if i don't pay it off my account will be referred to a attorney for further collection efforts. I contacted they're office and i let them know that i want to set up a payment plan, but the payment plan i had in mind, they said was too small... My problem is that i'm really young, no job, in a cast, not in the best of health. They told me i need to pay off $600 a month by august or i'll be sent to an attorney... Im just really worried, i don't know what to do, they let me know that i need to deposit some money by tomorrow and i also let them know my routing and account number...What can i do, i know i owe the money, and i wanna pay it off, but i just can't in this small amount of time... I really don't want it to go to an attorney either, because i'm worried ill have a record and i'll have to pay more... I contacted ebay too, and they said they sold it to them so they can't really help to much... Please any advice or help anything would be so appreciated... I honestly can't stop thinking about this, its haunting me.


They also told me i need to put $50 in my bank account tomorrow... so they can withdraw it, should i even put those $$ in my account, its the only money i got at the moment..

Update 2:

Im just really worried, because what i did to get this debt is kind of bad too. They told me i need to call them back by friday to set up a exact payment plan..

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