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Why was Romney campaigning with Meg Whitman?

Here in California. She ran for Governor against Jerry Brown and she had another failure campaigning with her, Chris Christie. She is CEO of HP computers who failed with their stock investors.

So many failures so little time

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    Does anyone really believe Romney won 80% of the vote in Ron Paul's Texas district? Watch your polls, Cali. The GOP will cheat there, too.

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    Zelig Robme is a third tier candidate w/ a fourth tier campaign team:

    They dont know what they'r doing, hence the Trump birther gaffe.

    . May, 29, 2012. "Romney's message was overshadowed by...Donald Trump whose renewed interest in casting doubt on President Obama's American birthright has dominated the news cycle in recent days."


    --------------------------------------- George Will Calls Donald Trump a 'Bloviating Ignoramus.’


    “What is Romney seeking by associating w/ him?"


    Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman agreed, adding "it's a dangerous game that Mitt Romney is playing here."


    Trump revived the false claims about Obama's birthplace…


    . , Associated Press


    “Trump's comments on the birther issue, repeated in several media interviews Tuesday, May 29th, overshadowed Romney's attempts to focus on the economy.”


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    Apparently, the word "failure" means something different than what you think it does. She is a smart lady. I think many Californians are having buyer's remorse.

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    Lost to Jerry Brown, and California lost. Look at Jerry's mega deficits...shameful. 19 billion dollars. Jerry Brown is the loser...Chris Christie's a hero in New Jersey.

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    He needs to get the crazy right wing base alive. The same reason birther Donald Trump is involved.

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    Let's see HP is the largest computer company worldwide. No failure there.

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