How to convert L of a gas at STP into moles.?

I understand that this is a simple topic for most, but I just can't get it. For example, How many moles in 3.45 L H2SO4 gas at STP?

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    8 years ago
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    At STP 1 mole of any ideal gas occupies a volume of 22.4 L

    So to convert from volume (in Litres) to moles

    moles = volume (L) / 22.4 L/mol

    eg moles gas = 3.45 L / 22.4 L/mol

    = 0.154 moles

    To calculate volume of an ideal gas at STP is

    Volume gas (L) = moles gas x 22.4 L/mol

    H2SO4 is not a particulary good example of a gas at STP. It will be a liquid at STP, boilng point is 337 deg C

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    we would want to understand the temperature and rigidity for each mission. If the placement different STP, lets attempt this: 50 L / 22.414 L/mol = 2.23 mol If the T and P were at different values, we would use PV = nRT to calculate the moles of gas. you could also use PV = nRT, in case you wanted to, if the gas grow to be at STP. 22.414 L/mol is named molar volume and it really is in common words this fee at STP.

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