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I.C. system help with debt?

Alright so i received a letter in the mail from I.C. System INC telling me that I owe ebay $2000 and that if i don't pay it off my account will be referred to a attorney for further collection efforts. I contacted they're office and i let them know that i want to set up a payment plan, but the payment plan i had in mind, they said was too small... My problem is that i'm really young, no job, in a cast, not in the best of health. They told me i need to pay off $600 a month by august or i'll be sent to an attorney... Im just really worried, i don't know what to do, they let me know that i need to deposit some money by tomorrow and i also let them know my routing and account number...What can i do, i know i owe the money, and i wanna pay it off, but i just can't in this small amount of time... I really don't want it to go to an attorney either, because i'm worried ill have a record and i'll have to pay more... I contacted ebay too, and they said they sold it to them so they can't really help to much... Please any advice or help anything would be so appreciated... I honestly can't stop thinking about this, its haunting me.


Please read through this, my title doesn't really explain the issue i have right now as much as it should.

Update 2:

They also told me i need to put $50 in my bank account tomorrow... so they can withdraw it, should i even put those $$ in my account, its the only money i got at the moment..

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    You made a big mistake by giving a collection agency your bank account and routing #'s. Now that they have this info, there is nothing to stop them from taking out any amount at any time. It's not uncommon for people who have given out this info to find out that their bank account has been wiped out and is in the negative by the hundreds of dollars the next day. I would strongly advise to cancel your bank account first thing tomorrow.

    - Debt collectors have all sorts of dirty tricks up their making bogus legal threats and creating a false sense of urgency. Unfortunately, those tricks worked with you. Debt collectors do not have any sort of direct legal power over you. Most legal threats from debt collectors are bluffs. If you have any doubt, ask them for the full name and license # of the their attorney who will be taking action against you.

    - Don't waste your time with small payment plans...your money will go down the drain in interest and fees. Save your money and offer to settle for less all at once, with all terms in writing before you $900 or so. How to pay collection accounts:

    Again, I would strongly advise to cancel your bank account first thing tomorrow. Don't be surprised if the they've already taken money out. If you can't pay then you can't pay....just save your money and settle when you can.

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    Contact your bank ASAP and set up a new account. NEVER give a debt collector your account info again. Keep in mind that collectors lie for a living. Read the fair debt collection practices act to know your rights when dealing with collectors. Do all communications by mail so you will have everything in writing.

    If they do refer the account to an attorney, they MIGHT sue in small claims court. You will not need a lawyer for this. Ask the judge to set up a payment plan you can live with. Right now it sounds like you don't have any way to pay.

    Never take a collectors word for it. They may sue but it is most likely a threat to scare you into paying. Request a full validation of the debt my mail to buy you some time to do some research on dealing with debt collectors.

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  • 4 years ago

    Ic System Inc

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