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Why are there conservative/gay republicans?

I just don't get this. They are against us, hate us and if it were up to them as some have mentioned, (hard-core conservatives) We'd be rounded up and corraled similar to a NAZI concentration camp.

Virtually all policies of conservatives are against us, yet there is a rare breed of gay conservatives/republicans. I'm sorry to think of this analogy, but it just makes me think of Jewish supporters of the NAZI party.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I'm going to try to restrain my sarcasm here, so bear with me.

    Being LGBT does not mean that we all march in lockstep with one another. we are as diverse as any other group. Some of us don't happen to believe the Democrat Party's propaganda about a "War on Women" or hatred of gays. Yes, liberals tend to talk a better game than conservatives, but in my experience conservatives actually do what they say they're going to. One of the worst bosses I ever had for racist, sexist, homophobic comments and actions was one of Al Gore's largest supporters. the most support I've received from management as a transwoman has come from a conservative.

    Some of us who identify as conservative tend to believe there are issues more important than LGBT. I am not saying same-sex marriage or anti-discrimination bills are unimportant, but I tend to think the economy, America's position in the world, and the War in Afghanistan trumps that. There is no single politician who embodies everything I want. Most of the ones who come the closest are conservatives.

    Side issue: no, I do not believe liberals are stupid or evil. No, I do not believe liberals are out to destroy America. No, I do not believe that Barak Obama is not an American citizen. I believe that people of good faith can disagree on things. I know how this sounds, but being that I'm trans perhaps it will make sense: some of my best friends are liberals.

    Let the down-thumbing commence!

    Edit: @Montreal - I can see where what I said would give that impression, but I don't really view "The Party" as being separate from the people who compose it. Additionally, I don't actually vote for a Party per se. I don't believe I've ever voted a straight party ticket in my life. I vote for the individuals, and the individuals who generally come the closest to the people... well, I almost said "the people I would want in power", but in fact I think self-designated career politicians are the people we would LEAST want in power. It's just that they're generally the only viable choices. So how about "...come closest to the people I would least object to having in power are Republicans". It's a personal observation, of course, and therefore almost certainly tainted by bias, but it seems to me that those career politicians who are most addicted to the trappings of power and least concerned about the people they ostensibly represent are Democrats. Teddy Kennedy, Chuck Shumer, and Nancy Pelosi all come immediately to mind.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    You provide our party a bad purely upload gasoline to the liberals hearth you j.a.c.ok.a.s.s.what's incorrect with a conservative if he's gay???I welcome any conservatives to our ranks gay ,right now,white black or eco-friendly or purple.Why ought to or no longer this is counted in the event that they're gay????in the event that they're republicans and conservatives then I say welcome.that's dinosaurs such as you and the religious precise that threaten our party as lots through fact the liberal democrats.bypass back to Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and tell them that we are no longer the party of hate and discrimination.tell them that the republican party has no room for bigotry or're a relic, a dinosaur and you need to bypass back to the place you got here from.And via the way i'm a thoroughly right now heterosexual male purely in case you concept i became a sort of "*******" improve UP!!!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    There's angry, stupid, abused people.... some of these are gay folks too. And angry, stupid, abused seem to gravitate toward politically "conservative" - like J. Edgar Hoover. It's a pretty ugly combination.

  • 9 years ago

    I think this is a symptom of the clash between social and economic/political views. You can be a social liberal (pro equal rights for LGQT people, pro-socialised healthcare) but a political conservative (non-interventionist abroad, in favour of a less regulated economy, etc.). I would imagine that if there are gay Republicans it's because they agree more with the other policies of the party than they object to their social stances. I think the polarization of the US (and many other countries like Canada) convinces people that they have to either be extreme conservatives or extreme liberals, and that anyone in the moderate segment is just indecisive. There aren't a lot of political parties catering to either social liberalism but political/economic conservatism, or alternately social conservatism but political/economic liberalism. Because the foundations of conservatism tend to be religiously motivated, and the foundations of liberalism tended to have been more secular, there's this idea that you have to either join one club or the other and subscribe to every aspect of the party.

    Edit: Diane, I think the difference between what you're saying and what the questioner is saying is that you're talking about whether conservatives/Republicans or liberals/Democrats are prejudiced as people, and citing personal experiences which I'm sure are true. However, the questioner is saying that the Republican *Party* makes it official policy to limit or revoke the rights of the LGBT community; they're asking how you can vote for a party that although it may appeal to you on a foreign policy level, or an economic level, has as an official goal to limit or erase your rights as an individual. My response, above, was an attempt to explain that choice, and why a person might choose to ignore parts of party policy that would eventually directly affect them in a negative way. If you see this, do you have any feelings on that subject? I'm genuinely curious to hear if you feel that you're likely to be living as an equal citizen if the Republican Party in the US gets what it wants. It just seems to me that you're talking about LGBT issues as though they're just matters of principle, to be sorted out at a later date, whereas the questioner is talking about them as real, tangible problems that have immediate effects on LGBT people.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First of all, Godwin's law.

    Second, because people are well known for being completely insane. How have you not figured this out? Theres like, 2,000 of us who have to do everything we can to stop humanity from tearing itself apart. The rest is just mindblowingly insane or outright evil.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Very few people in the USA know what a conservative is because they are on the verge of being extinct. The Republican party is not a conservative party anymore, and hasn't been for decades.

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