When I turn on my laptop and click on an icon, my mouse just freezes, any at-home solutions?

Basically I explained it. I am on the desktop and click on something to try and open it and the hour glass comes up and the mouse just does not seem to want to respond...the mouse pad on the laptop. I even tried this with an external mouse and the same thing. It is a Sony Vaio...bout 3 yrs old. Any at home solutions?

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    9 years ago
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    This seems to be something to do with the OS.

    1. You may firstly want to perform a system restore using only the keyboard tab and enter key, from safe mode, to a date when the unit was working fine.

    2. If issue persists, reinstall the OS and check (Eliminates any software related issue)

    3. Lastly, run a hard drive test in bios > Hard drive may be faulty and may need replacement

    Source(s): Myself, been there done it..
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