Thinking about starting a baby shower business, can I get some opinions please?

I am thinking about making baby favors for people, in particular paper baby booties. I would like to do this as a at-home business. First I wanted to get some peoples opinions, I haven't said anything to anyone in my personal life yet because I want to make sure this is something that I could really do and this is something that I could make some money off of. So my question is: Would you pay someone to make your baby shower favors? If you don't know what paper baby booties look like then you can google it, they are adorable and you can put candies inside of them. I was thinking about personalizing them by putting the baby's name on them, obviously providing that the parents know what the baby's name is going to be. I was also thinking about selling them as a pair and also as a pack. Example, one pair would be about $3.50 and a pack of 25 would be $20.00. Does this sound like a price people would be willing to pay? I put this in the pregnancy section because this is going to be my market and I want to know everyone's opinions. Thank you so much!

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