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What are your thoughts on these sibling sets?

Rate and / or comment on them. Or choose your favourite couple of sib-sets and explain why you like them.

This is not a this or that.

Boy/girl sibling sets;

• Raoul and Romilly.

• Oscar and May.

• Nathaniel and Josephine.

• Byron and Cecily.

• William and Anna.

• Thomas and Nora.

• Henry and Violet.

• Leo and Katharine.

• Romain and Penelope.

Please and thank you! :)

-- delphine.

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    • Raoul and Romilly. I don't like Raoul, but Romilly definitely has some growing room!

    • Oscar and May. These are cute!

    • Nathaniel and Josephine. Love Nathaniel, Josephine needs to grow on me more though.

    • Byron and Cecily. Hate Byron, buy I like Cecily!

    • William and Anna. Don't like them, both too plain.

    • Thomas and Nora. Nora is nice but don't like Thomas.

    • Henry and Violet. I love these!

    • Leo and Katharine. Don't like Leo. Katharine is beautiful.

    • Romain and Penelope. I really love these two!

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    Henry and Violet -- This is my favorite because Henry and Violet are my favorite names of all time! I think they sound wonderful together and are great names themselves,

    William and Anna -- While the names, might be a bit common, they are classic names and are timeless and beautiful. I think they fit nicely together and are great individually.

    .... This is going to be hard to choose anymore because I love all of them! I think all of the work pretty nicely, the only one that I am not sure about is Romain and Penelope, Romain just makes me think of lettuce. I love the sound of Byron and Cecily and Oscar and May are really cute :)

  • 9 years ago

    Best: Leo and Katharine.

    Worst: Raoul and Romilly

    My take:try twin names that dont start with the same letter.I like original,unpopular names.That way,no one will ask,"Tom?"and four kids will respond,"What?"

    New set: Jin and Sharma

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