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How can someone have so many friends?!? Please read!?

I was borrowing a friend's phone to text someone.. This person has few friends at my school and often texts me and has even asked to hang out.

I saw his previous messages though and there are about 70 others, and proper regular conversations (I saw the history). I know I'm sneaky I didn't intrude I just glimpsed if all!!!

How can one have that many contacts! Four is enough for me! I literally text only six people, some friends and some family... But 70 seems insane.

Is facebook to blame for this? How can someone haberdasher that many relations?


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  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    On my history it has conversations with about 50 people, however most of them are from the past and I haven't texted them in several months, and probably won't text them in the near future (however my mobile just keeps the conversation). However, normally i only text like 1-3 people on a daily basis.

    It's not facebook, just the ease of excess to contact people through smartphones. Also I think it depends on how long you have your mobile, as it all adds up eventually from spur of the moment conversations.

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