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How expensive is bariatric surgery?

I have a BMI of 33 and weight 196 ibs. I want to lose weight because everything seems to fail. How much does it typically cost.

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    One of the problems with bariatric surgery is that you end up with a stomach the size of a walnut, and that forces you to eat very nutritionally dense foods. The diet that your doctor will put you on after the surgery is high in meat, eggs, fish, green vegetables, and a little fruit. You will have to stay away from bread, grains, pasta, sugar and all other high carb things. The thing is, if you just adopt that diet without the surgery, you will lose weight and keep it off. They don't tell you that before you plunk down thousands for a last resort procedure.

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    pay no attention to that answer it is ridiculous , you can never stick with that diet without the surgery!!! the costs of the surgery will depend on your insurance, in my area your BMI of 33 is not high enough to qualify you for the surgery. A BMI of at least 40 is required unless there are underlying medical complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Then the surgeons will consider 38 or 39 but I have never heard of anyone getting by pass with a 33, or even a sleeve.

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