Told the guy about my feelings, still confused?? Guys plz answer and I'll answer yours?

I know this guy for 3 years. We used to date, but never called our relationship as bf/gf, we weren't just friends, but never had sexual relationship. We used to go out a year ago, and at the end of our dates he tryed to kiss me. He was a player and I didn't trust him. I was realy in love with him, and still love him. He never said that he likes me, just said stuff like u are so cute, he would hug me and say he was scared to let me go he wasn't sure he'll see me again. And after a date he wan't call me for a week or so. It's been 3 years and our relationship is at the same place, we didn't talk for months because of stupid things and started talking and he keeps doing the same thing. Last time he dated me, and at the end tried to come realy close to me and said how beautiful I was, I told him to stop it and stop playing with me. And I told him that I loved him, and he was hurting me by playing with me. I got some tears in my eyes, and that was the first time he saw me so emotional. He hugged me tight and kissed my head without saying anything. I left and when I got home he txted me asking if I was ok..

I didn't understand what his response was, did he feel sorry for me, did he like me too, or did he think I was a slut.. Im so confused..

I'm 21, He's 24

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Aww, sorry to hearken to that. some adult men wait until they're married to drop the L word. often now no longer him whether. i'm able to't somewhat tell what that reaction strategies-set. i think of he does care approximately you. He did text fabric to earnings on you. that should be very considerate. to no longer study to lots into what he pronounced, yet gorgeous is extra of a teenage compliment. appealing recognizes which you're extra mature and captivating. i'm purely spit ballin' suitable here. issues which you will ask your self are: How does he act around different women? How does he act around distinctive women with you around? Did he get worried on an identical time as you pronounced you enjoyed him? Twitch, figit uncomfortably. Or save stable and unshaken? attempt to no longer over evaluate this. I know it somewhat is troublesome to do. See if he apologizes for hurting you. At some ingredient you will desire to ask your self, or him: Does this courting have a destiny? if so, whats he waiting for? it is all purely nutrients for concept. Ironic after telling you to no longer have self assurance. Gosh, I particularly think for you, that often sucks to acquire blended alerts. do no longer take your courting to a sexual point in hopes that he will say he loves you. it somewhat is a risky interest to play alongside along with your heart. magnificent fulfillment, i % you the properly-known and not something much less.

  • 9 years ago

    he knows your not a slut, its been three years, but o baby does he want you to be. he likes you, has emotional attachments to you, but his behavior is that of someone who wont commit to a serious relationship with you, at least at this time. yes hes trying to get in ur pants, no i dont think that will make him any more committed or in love with you, but it might be fun, up to you. just try not to fall much deeper in love because theres a good chance he will break your heart. sorry princess, dont think he is the one based on what you said

  • 9 years ago

    Yeah he knows now so the balls in his court. You'll just have to wait for him to make a move or something don't be surprised if he takes a couple days to do anything about it you crying might have freaked him out a little. So let him make the next move no calling or texting!!!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes he cares about you a lot but unless he specifies its not in that way but don't keep bugging him about it if he likes you a lot he will let you know because he obviously knows you like him if you bring it up it will just drive him further away don't do that

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